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About year and a half ago, I was on a hike in the Austrian Alps. If you can picture the Sound of Music, it was exactly like that. As we reached the summit, the trees parted, and we could see a hut in the distance. Exiting the hut was a young farmer, who offered us a cold glass of a beverage I had never seen before. It looked a bit like Gatorade, but as I chugged it, I realized it was something completely different. Something much, much more refreshing.

It was pure, fresh whey. Straight from the cheese she had just made, straight from the milk of the cows that were grazing in the distance. It was the most crushable, thirst-quenching drink I had ever had.

Back home in Massachusetts, I searched everywhere for this “fresh whey,” and couldn’t find it.

Fresh whey is not a powder, or a smoothie, or drink meant for body-builders, but rather a natural, refreshing co-product of cheese and yogurt making. It has been used for centuries, dating as far back as Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, to cure illnesses and prevent disease. In the US, though, we treat it as a waste product. For everyone 1 pound of cheese, there are 9 pounds of whey. Whey, however, is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, and contains lactic acid which is known to promote gut health and a well balanced microbiome.

So we created SUPERFRAU to disrupt the supply chain, and upcycle fresh, nutritious whey. You no longer need to drink something milky or thick to get the benefits of milk, or something vinegary to be good to your gut. Superfrau is light and refreshing and is not only crushable after a rigorous workout or hike, but can also cure that hangover like no other.

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