Melissa Martinelli & Michael Hagauer

Michael (right), our Austrian protagonist, moved to the U.S. in 2009, but it would be another 10 years before his fresh whey fantasy would finally become a reality. Melissa (left), immigration lawyer turned food waste warrior, put her passion for impossible projects to the test when she began fermenting fresh whey in their Cambridge, MA kitchen. Fast forward to 2019, after a year and half of bottle explosions, endless whey punning and taste-testings, and dozens of phone calls with food scientists and dairy experts, together they are bringing a taste of the Alps to America with their upcycled fresh whey products.

Superfrau is a shout out to the female cow and all the nutrition she provides. We partner with cheese and yogurt makers to upcycle their fresh whey so none of the hard work and energy that goes into milking cows is wasted. “Frau” means “woman” in German (which is the official language of Austria, although if you go to Michael’s remote Alpine village, the dialect is so intense, it’s arguably a completely different language).

This drink isn’t just for all the superfraus out there though. It’s for those of us that care both about what we put in our body, and the environment we play in. Who knew curbing food waste could taste so good?!