Cucumber Lime

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Meet Cucumber Lime.
The golden child. Essence of cucumber and lime. Light and refreshing taste.

Lime-forward. Tangy twist. Hint of crisp cucumber.

👍 Deliciously light + refreshing
👍 Afternoon pick-me-up
👍 Cocktail/mocktail mixer
👍 Good for gut health

✅ Broad spectrum electrolytes
✅ Natural energy
✅ Lactic acid for your gut
✅ Sustainably upcycled
✅ Saving the planet
✅ Zinc for immunity support

Ingredients: Fresh whey (contains milk), natural flavors, citric acid, lactase enzyme.


Not all super heroes wear capes. Some come in cans.

Not too tart, not too sweet.

Reducing food waste is the #1 way to reverse the effects of climate change.

Fresh whey has been used for centuries for its natural health benefits (even hippocrates prescribed it to his patients in 2400 bc!)

Instead of another coffee or energy shot when the afternoon slump hits, try this natural energy boost.

Prebiotics help support a happy and healthy gut!

Super benefits for your body and mind. 💪🧠

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